Architect Warren Hagues: Accurately passing on clients’ wishes to the builders and designers


Architect Warren Hagues on the importance of accurately passing on clients’ wishes to the builders and designers.

In the last issue we spoke about the architect’s role as a facilitator who’s job it is to realise that the preferences and tastes of clients play a major part in developing a design brief.

While there are technical and legislative requirements that must be adhered to when undertaking a building project, when it comes to aesthetics the priority is client preference.
It is not our role to impose our design style on a project. Rather, it is our role to translate client preferences in to an architectural language and final design.

Indeed it is this role as a facilitator that forms a large part of what an architect does when liaising with others within the building industry. We translate the client’s brief in to the ‘languages’ of associated professions so as to be understood by the local authorities, surveyors, contractors, product suppliers and other designers etc.

By working in this manner, the client can be assured that the architect has understood their project fully by viewing it from multiple points of view and communicating it in a way that is understood by the associated building professions.

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