Thatched House Chef Marinos Nikitakos: ‘Spring is great for lamb, broadbeans, asparagus and wild garlic’


Q. What will you be cooking at the Thatched House this Spring?
Spring is great for lamb, particularly rump of lamb. I also use beautiful Springtime vegetables like broadbeans, asparagus and wild garlic. We have on the menu a confit of chicken with paella, chorizo, peas and prawns. I also do a dish called Souvlaki which is from my home country and is made with pork and vegetables. There are also seasonal dishes like vongole, spaghetti with clams. We have a Miso cod dish, which has a miso paste and shiitake mushrooms. This is also the season for artichokes, which I use with a broth made with carrots, fish stock and onions.

Q. Where are you from?
I am from the south of Greece, Nafplio, a seaport town an hour and a half from Athens. It was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic.

Q. Did you train as a chef there?
Yes, I trained in Greek cuisine, but also worked on the islands where there’s more international cooking. I worked on Mikonos for two years with chefs from Hawaii and the U.S. I also had a short spell working in Italy. I worked at two of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants for two years where I obviously made a lot of pasta dishes. I think it helps to have worked in a variety of busy restaurants and perfected a number of different styles of cooking.

Q. What do your customers demand?
Put simply, they want great food. The key is cooking to the highest possible standard, and doing that consistently throughout.

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