The Carpet Store: Your step-by-step guide to buying a carpet with handy hints from the Carpetstore’s secret tricks of the trade


Joe and Fiona Miller – This local family has you covered.

Firstly, a bit of preparation goes a long way to help you know what you want and need when buying a carpet. Pop into the shop to try out the textures and understand the uses for different kinds of materials and weaves.

A twist carpet made up of cut pile and twisted fibres helps to create a hardwearing and textured carpet. Add to that a plain or ‘heathered’ style and marks will be harder to spot. The carpet is also less likely to fluff and wear.

Then there are loop carpets that have a tight and resilient weave which quite literally bounce back, and so are ideal for hallways where they get a lot of use.

Finally, there are velvet carpets that, as the name suggests, have a more luxurious and smoother finish. These are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to maximise that feeling of comfort and plushness.

When you have chosen what you’re after, we can cut you swatches to take home to try out.

Getting the right colour is the key. Place the samples in different parts of the room to see how it reacts to light and different shades to help you get an idea of how it may look.

We can then pop round to measure up the rooms and give you an accurate estimate of the costs and the time we need to do the job.

Once we are done, simply enjoy your sumptuous new carpets.

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