About WordPress Websites

Some information about Wordpress Websites, WordPress themes, domain names and website hosting:

Q. What is a WordPress website?
WordPress is open source which means the source code of the software is available for any one to study and learn.
WordPress is used by millions of people and is fairly easy to use after a few lessons.

Q. Why use WordPress?
You can use WordPress to create almost any kind of website.
There are many free themes (website design) that look great and free plugins that extend website functionality.

Q. Are WordPress websites cost-effective?
Wordpress websites can be cost effective as they are fairly easy to update and maintain.
We can teach you to use WordPress so you save money in the medium to long-term, or you can learn on your own at your own pace.

Q. What are WordPress themes?
Wordpress themes provide the look, feel and functionality of your website. Think of themes as website design. Themes are the skeleton of a website and need to be populated with content, copy, images, and photos.

Q. What are free WordPress themes?
Many people and companies provide fantastic free WordPress themes. Some of these free themes have adequate functionality for bloggers and small businesses.

Q. What are paid WordPress themes?
Paid WordPress themes offer more functionality and design options than free themes and are ideal for many medium and even some large businesses as they avoid the cost of custom coding and bespoke website design.

Q. Which free WordPress themes do you offer with your website packages?
You can choose from a selection of free WordPress themes included in our website packages. If free themes limit your needs and business we can suggest a paid WordPress theme.

Q. Which WordPress theme should I choose?
When choosing a Wordpress theme put yourself in your customers or website users shoes. Your choice of theme could come down to the functionality your customers needs. We can help you choose a paid theme that works for your business type and your customers.

Q. What are website pages?
Website pages are usually what we call ‘Static Content’, e.g.; ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Find us’, ‘Products’, ‘Services’, and so on.

Q. What are website posts?
Website posts are like posts you make on Facebook – up to the minute information, news, and blogs. When you place content on your website or Facebook you are posting ‘posts’ – like an old fashioned post box.

Q. What photos and images do I need to provide?
Please supply high-res photos and images so your website looks professional.
We will make the images ‘web-friendly’ so they are easy to view and don’t slow your website down. We can supply images and photos if you don’t have what you need.

Q. How do I link my social media accounts to my website?
We will ask you to send us your social media links so we can set up them up on your website. Your website users can then click and link to your social media accounts and follow you.

Q. Which social media accounts can my website link to?
Depending on the website package you choose we can integrate your website with all social media accounts: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.

Q. Do I need to supply logos and branding?
We will ask you to supply your own logo and branding design master files, PDFs and image sizes depending on your WordPress theme requirements.
We can work with most design software including Adobe: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.
If you require a logo and branding we can help.

Q. Do you offer a full website management service?
Yes. We can manage all your website, content, shop and associated needs so you can concentrate on running your business.
We can sit quietly in the virtual back office online, or at your actual place of business.

Q. Can you help me with an online shop?
Yes. If you need an online shop we can provide a quote.

Q. Can you help me with website hosting?
Yes. Even though website hosting is not included in our website packages by default, we can setup and arrange website hosting for you.
Website hosting is a third party cost starting at approximately £6.99 per month.
Kindly tell us your requirements and we will provide a solution.

Q. What is a domain name?
A domain name is also known as a website name. e.g.: www.bbc.co.uk, www.apple.com
Common domain names include: .london, .com, .co.uk, .us, .agency, .photography
Domain names are a third party cost starting at approximately £6.99 per year.
Our website packages do not include a domain name by default however we can take care of purchasing and managing domain names for you.

Q. I have a question not answered here. Can you help?
Please contact us with any questions and we will get back to you.
Please get in touch via the Contact form