Personal stylist Caroline Wolf: ‘Women typically need to juggle many more things to ensure corporate success’

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It is the unwritten rule that every successful businesswoman knows: their wardrobe must serve to emphasise their personal brand and business acumen. Rarely a week goes by without a newspaper commenting on the Prime Minister’s shoes or a fashion faux pas committed by a senior cabinet minister. Whether it is fair or not, clothes continue to be an extension of a woman’s professional personality and authority.

‘Unlike many businessmen, women typically need to juggle many more things to ensure corporate success’

So, it is little wonder that busy, high-flying women often turn to personal stylist, Caroline Wolf, who helps them to effortlessly exude business presence, style and confidence.

‘Successful women often rely on a stylist or coach to help promote their standing and influence. Women have to juggle many more things to secure business success from looking after elderly family members, to doing the school run and running a home.

‘That’s where I step in. I put together a capsule wardrobe to complement each client’s personality and lifestyle.

Client’s can choose a personal shopping experience or simply have a chat, after which I put together a ‘Look Book’ featuring their capsule wardrobe. They only have to click to purchase from links detailed in their ‘Look Book’.

It takes the hassle out of shopping – from squeezing through crowds to browsing half-heartedly through racks of clothes. Instead you receive a customised choice of clothes, shoes and accessories.’

Caroline’s own glittering career hints at why she knows what women encounter in top business jobs. From advertising and communications at Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis London, she was headhunted to move into retail management, working at Dickins & Jones, Harrods and House of Fraser, followed by a stint in the Far East to experience retail manufacturing for both designer and high street brands.

Having been there and done it, she set up her own company offering personal styling and coaching for professional women who want to express their own values and lifestyle through their outward appearance and behaviour.

‘A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes that can be combined in different ways to create a variety of looks,’ she says.

Here’s an example of how four pieces of clothing can make up some some seven looks. Capsules offer ways of mixing and matching looks.
Caroline Wolf, Personal stylists, Personal Coach, Capsule Wardrobe

7-Outfits Caroline Wolf, Personal stylists, Personal Coach, Capsule Wardrobe
The size of your capsule wardrobe will depend on your budget and lifestyle. Your personalised ‘Look Book’ shows you how to combine the pieces to create a variety of outfits.

For an initial executive image consultation, contact Caroline:
07875 587249

Capsule Wardrobe

Read Caroline’s Sunday Telegraph article:

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